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Three Steps To Success

This program is designed to take you from where you are now, to where you want to be in order to create success in your life, easily and comfortably.

There are 3 sessions.

  1. Clearing all the old inherited beliefs and patterns that have come from your family, that are holding you back now.
  2. Clearing your personal beliefs, the ones that you have created over the years, because of the experiences that you’ve had.
  3. Looking at where you want to be, how you want to feel, and what you want in your life and then getting a real “feel” for how that will be, so that your subconscious knows where to take you.

The details

1. This session lays the groundwork for change.

It’s where we explain to your subconscious that the limiting beliefs that you have picked up from other people and the decisions that you made about yourself and the world when you were a small child, can be released now, to make way for beliefs that support you here and now.

If you’ve ever seen 2 people arguing, how old do you think they are emotionally? Often it’s like watching 2 year old children having a fight and that’s because something triggered them back to the feelings they first felt at that age.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you didn’t get triggered back to times that you felt powerless, or not good enough? If you could stay in your adult self with your adult resources available to you? How much more useful would your decisions be if they came from your powerful adult self, rather than the powerless child?

This session is where we release the early decisions and beliefs and give the subconscious a new starting point to work from, so that this is truly the beginning of the rest of your life.

You’ll be amazed at the difference it makes to every part of your life. It’s like coming home to your real self, your own power.


2. This session we look in detail at what is going on for you now.

We look at the situations and people that cause you the most problems. We track the feelings they give you, back to where they started and we clear them, so that you can be your adult self whatever is going on around you, with your adult resources and power available to you in the here and now.

This helps you to be able to see the bigger picture in both your business and your life and to decide what’s most important for you.

It puts you into a position to be proactive in your business rather than reactive.


3.This session we’ll be getting clear about where you want to be with your business and your life and what’s important to you and making sure that your subconscious knows what to alert you to, to achieve success.

Often we’re so busy trying to move away, or deal with the things that are a problem for us, that we don’t give much thought about where we want to be and why.

It’s a bit like the old tale of giving a chef six eggs and asking him to feed you. He gives you an omelette and you were thinking about a soufflé. He’s done nothing wrong, but you didn’t get the result that you wanted, because you weren’t clear about what you wanted.

We’ll look at your goals and what you think they’ll bring you. We’ll look at the way you want to be feeling in your life and how you can bring more of that into your life right now, to start the process and we’ll be explaining to the subconscious exactly what you want, so it will start to show you opportunities that you might not have noticed, when you were less clear.

At the end of the 3 sessions, you will have cleared old beliefs that were holding you back and will have a clear idea of where you want to move forward to and ways to do that.


The sessions

All sessions are 2 hours long, as that allows us to make the greatest change, in the shortest possible time and therefore is both more satisfying for the client and more cost effective.

Longer sessions can be arranged on request, if it works best for the client.

To take 3 steps to Success is £600 and 6 hours of your time. A fantastic investment in yourself and your business.

If you would like to discover if you’re ready to take these steps, email me at jacqui@jacquicrooks.com

And we’ll arrange a time to talk.

I’m looking forward to connecting with you


Where to next?

Live with the changes. See what’s working well and what feels as though it could do with more work to make it easier.

If you notice something that’s still not flowing as easily as you’d like, it just means there’s an aspect of the issue that didn’t show itself earlier. There was probably too much big stuff in the way!

Contact me for another session to clear anything left over.

The successful client is the one who becomes self - aware and notices when something’s not working for them and then does something about it. It means things are cleared quickly and easily and you can get on with enjoying your life.

 To connect, email me at jacqui@jaquicrooks.com I'd love to hear from you :)

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