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Manifesting - turning your dreams into




Come and join me on this intimate retreat.

We are all naturally great manifestors. We have been manifesting since before we were born and we're still doing it now, every moment of every day.
We focus on something, think about it a lot, worry about it, wake in the night thinking of it, and suddenly there it is, in our lives and we say, I told you so! I knew that would happen. We've manifested what we expected to manifest and often we don't like it!
The things we manifest are often our fears, the things we don't want, because that's what we put our attention on. It's what we've been trained to focus on!
Wouldn't it be wonderful if we changed the focus of our attention? If we decided that what we are going to think about are the things we want in our life? The things that make us happy, the things that swell our hearts with love, that open us to new and wonderful possibilities?
And we can do that, it's exactly the same process as the one we're already so expert at, we're just focusing differently. To make that change, we can really tune into ourselves to connect with what lights us up, what helps us to grow into a greater version of ourselves, what helps us to live from love, rather than fear.
There are many ways to help us to be be in the right energy to do that. There are all sorts of exercises and practices that can help us and one of the best ways is to allow our imagination to soar, to really open ourselves to new possibilities and to practice doing that over and over until it feels right and natural to us.
This retreat is a safe place to do that. With a small group of supportive people on the same journey, we can encourage each other, learn from each other, support each other to do things differently, so that when we leave and return to our usual lives, we already have change in place and the tools to stay on track. It will be the beginning of the rest of your life and you'll be able to live it differently and won't that be wonderful:)
 And we have a lot of fun too!  
Come and join me on this magical adventure, you'll be glad you did:)
Non refundable deposit of only £50 secures your place:)


©2014 Jacqui Crooks