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EFT Masterclasses online - creating an EFT Expert Tool Kit

For a long while I’ve been wanting to offer my skills to those who don’t live in the UK, or who do and can’t make my courses, so if that’s you, here’s the opportunity for us to work together.

I’ve created a series of Masterclasses, which will build your skill set and which include all the things I’ve learned since I started using EFT in 1999.

In these audios I teach a concept and then work with someone to demonstrate what I’m teaching and answer questions. Each session comes with a handout, which builds up to a manual. There will be opportunties to ask questions and at the end of the course we'll have a live tapping session to clear any blocks that you may have to working in this easy flowing way.

I look forward to sharing my time and my skills with you, come and have fun with me, while you learn.

  • Become skillful and elegant in your use of EFT Learn the strategies of the EFT Founding Masters 
  • Discover how to make a real difference to yourselves and your clients
  • Get to the root of issues, quickly, easily and painlessly 
  • Create a new vision of the world that supports you and your clients 
  • Watch your practice grow as you clear your own blocks while you learn these techniques
  • Become an EFT expert

To connect with me email me at, I'd love to hear from you.

These courses can be taken whenever you order them.

They can be taken as a whole, or they can be taken as stand alone sessions, to increase your skills in specific areas.

Please state which session you would like on the paypal message when you order. Thanks:)

Please email me me if you have any questions.

Getting to the real roots of an issue easily - EFT and Timelines

When we use EFT to deal with the current issues in a clients life, we're just dealing with a symptom, however painful. If we clear the issue in the here and now, without discovering the roots of the issue, it will keep coming back in other forms, as it has so many times already.

Most, if not all issues have their roots back in childhood, sometimes as far back as the time in the womb. When you clear the feelings that the client is still carryiong from those early times, you also clear the beliefs and strategies that were created then, which leaves the client free to access their adult resources and deal with life and relationships differently.

Getting back to the early times is much simpler than you may think and you can do it, with the artful use of language, even if the client has no idea when it started.

Join me in discovering the roots of your "stuff", while you learn to help others clear theirs.

Price: £85.00

Using language for change (including reframing)

Part of what we can do with EFT is talk to the subconscious and give it new information.

When clients come to you they are stuck in their version of reality and they can't see anyway to do things differently. 

With the skillful use of language you can open the client to new possibilities, you can offer them new perspectives on the things and people that have caused problems for them and you can give them new tools to help themselves as they go through their life.

Price: £85.00

Working with parts and the inner child

When things aren't working for us, or our clients it's because there is a conflict between different parts of ourself. Someone who isn't able to stand up and talk about their business in a networking meeting may have one part that wants them to be seen and be successful and another part that learnt at an early age that being seen wasn't safe. Both parts will be trying to get their needs met and both will think it's vital that they do and as they fight each other, the client goes round in circles.

The part may be a child part, it may be the rebel, it may  be a part that took on a job a long time ago and no one told it that it had completed it. 

Using artful language you can get the rebel on board, so it works with you rather than against you, which makes a huge difference and giving new information to other parts allows them to work for you in a way that works. Have fun finding out whether they are ready to retire, go and play, take on a new job. Creativity is the key.

Price: £85.00

Clearing Ancestral and family patterns

Your life today is influenced by your parents’ lives… and their parents… and their parents, right back through time.

This means that you can find yourself repeating old patterns and struggling to create the life that you want, to be your authentic self.

We are living the survival strategies of generations of our families. All the beliefs that they created to stay safe then are with us now. They are passed down genetically, energetically and emotionally.

We pick up our parents’ anxieties in the womb and when we’re born. In the first four years of our lives information from them is downloaded straight into our subconscious which we use to create our own limiting beliefs.  Then unwittingly we pass those on to the next generation, and so it carries on.

When you clear the "stuff" that isn't yours it's so much easier to make changes in your life, quickly and safely.

Price: £85.00

Rebirthing to create a new start for the rest of your life

It's no surprise that so many of us believe that life is a struggle, unless we were born by Caesarian (and that brings its own difficulties,) we all struggled to be born.

We also picked up from our mother the feelings that she was experiencing while she carried us. We experienced all her worries and any traumas or unhelpful beliefs that she had.

If you are in the womb of an anxious mother, you will be born addicted to adrenaline and your body will take over for you when you are born. No wonder anxiety can go down the family line and that will be the same for many different emotions.

In this Masterclass we will clear trauma from our original births and then create a perfect birth for us now, that will be a solid foundation for our subconscious to refer to, for the rest of our life. We can even give ourselves new information that will help us to stay on track as we start to create the life we really want to live.

Price: £85.00

Looking forward - creating the life you want to lead

We're very good at knowing what we want to move away from, or let go of and often we're not so good at being clear about what we want instead, what we want to move towards.

This session will show you how to get clear about what you do want and how to find out the feelings that are most important to you.

We'll create a guidance system that allows you to attract into your life the feelings that make you feel good, so you can attract into your life, abundance, loving relationships, fun, happiness, joyful ease.

Price: £85.00

The EFT Experts Tool Kit - The Full Set

Price: £399.00

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