beacon training

There’s lots of different tapalongs for you here, on all sorts of topics. If you’re not sure of the points to tap follow me here

Choose the one that appeals to you most at this moment and tap along with me. Note down anything that comes up for you as you tap and you can use that to continue your tapping and healing.  Have fun.

Connecting to good feelings

I’m feeling very good at this moment, so I don’t know what to tap on, so here’s a tapalong directed at your subconscious, suggesting that it brings up for you all the good feelings that you’ve had over the years, so you get to experience them all over again.

Karate point

Even though I’ve had some good times and some bad, I deeply and completely accept myself

Even though I seem to focus on the bad and the “not working” stuff and I don’t notice the happy times, I’m OK

Even though I’m scared to acknowledge the happy times in case they disappear, I deeply and completely accept myself and everyone who modeled that way of being for me and my inner child who made decisions about it.

Even though that’s how it’s been I’m choosing to notice the good times, to remember the happy times, to feel those good feelings, right now and I instruct my subconscious to change the focus, so I notice that I’m happy, in the moment that I feel those feelings

Round the points


Feeling that

Allowing myself to feel the good feelings

Choosing to feel the good feelings

Noticing when I feel those feelings

Celebrating those feelings

Connecting with those feelings

It is what I deserve and I choose to believe that

©2014 Jacqui Crooks