coming home

There’s lots of different tapalongs for you here, on all sorts of topics. If you’re not sure of the points to tap follow me here

Choose the one that appeals to you most at this moment and tap along with me. Note down anything that comes up for you as you tap and you can use that to continue your tapping and healing.  Have fun.


Karate point

Even though I’m always busy, I deeply and completely accept myself

Even though I feel uncomfortable if I’m not, I’m OK

Even though I’m always busy, it proves that I’m useful/ needed/ deserve to be here, I deeply and completely love and accept myself, busy or not

Even though I don’t know what I’d do if I wasn’t  being busy, I’m OK

Even though I can’t imagine what that would be like, I deeply and completely accept myself

Even though I don’t know what I’d DO if I wasn’t doing the things I do,  I choose to accept that there are times when just BEING is OK

Even though I couldn’t just be, that isn’t me, I’m Ok

Even though I don’t want to just be, maybe I could be me, just not doing for the sake of doing

Round the points

Maybe I could just think about what it is I might REALLY like to do, if I wasn’t always busy doing

I can’t imagine giving myself time to slow down enough to even think about what I might want to do,

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if I could

Maybe I could, maybe it’s not impossible

Maybe the world wouldn’t stop

Maybe I’ve reached the time in my life where it’s ok to do what makes me happy

Surely not

Is that allowed?

Maybe it is

Maybe it’s not

Either way, I’m OK

I could do it,

I could choose

Maybe I could give myself permission to think what I really want.

It might be easier than I think

Maybe I could do it and maybe I might even enjoy it

©2014 Jacqui Crooks