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Meet Jacqui Crooks, EFT Founding Master, inspirational, speaker, author and trainer.

Jacqui is an International speaker and trainer and an EFT Founding Master. She is is one of the pioneers in using Energy Psychology, finding EFT IN 1999 and transforming and simplifying it’s use, so that it can be used to quickly get to and clear, deep core beliefs. 

Jacqui specializes in helping people to change limiting beliefs and old family and ancestral patterns that create self sabotage.  She loves pushing the boundaries of EFT to see just what can be achieved.

Her background is in Ericksonian hypnotherapy and NLP and through the development of unique ways of combining EFT with hypnotic language and NLP, Jacqui is able to help workshop participants and clients to effect deep level changes quickly and easily without trauma. She also helps practitioners to develop the necessary skills to be able to do this with their own clients.

Since she found EFT she found her life has not been the same !

She runs retreats in interesting places and trains EFT LEVEL 1, 2 and 3, both in the UK and America. She presents at conferences worldwide and is one of the authors of EFT and Beyond.

  • ‘‘A truly warm and informal atmosphere with an excellent trainer.’’ Psychotherapist
  • ‘‘Excellent, Mindblowing! I can’t wait to put it into practice.’’ Cruse Counsellor
  • ‘‘Felt in a very safe place with a great team leader.’’ Reflexologist and healer
  • ‘‘The intensity of the practical work was astonishing and rewarding.’’Hypnotherapist
  • ‘‘You have a very calm and clear style of presentation and you seem to ‘‘walk the talk.’’ I'd certainly recommend the course to others.’’ College Principal.
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