tap into business success

There’s lots of different tapalongs for you here, on all sorts of topics. If you’re not sure of the points to tap follow me here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A59Ztmd2PAI&feature=player_embedded

Choose the one that appeals to you most at this moment and tap along with me. Note down anything that comes up for you as you tap and you can use that to continue your tapping and healing.  Have fun.

A belief in struggle.

Karate point

Even though I always do things the hard way, I’m ok.

Even though I was told that was how it was, I deeply and completely accept myself and those who taught me.

Even though they were taught that too and this belief goes back through the ancestors, I deeply and completely accept all of us, we have just been doing the best we could with what we knew.

Round the points

It has to be hard

That’s what they told me

There’s no value if you haven’t worked hard

To be a success you have to struggle

If not you won’t have earned success

You have to show how hard you’ve worked

So you deserve success

So other people know you deserve it

Karate point

Even though I could think of new ways to do things, I’m OK

Even though that might feel strange and scary, I’m OK

Even though I don’t know if it would work, I deeply and completely love and accept myself and everyone involved in this pattern

Round the points

New ways



Don’t know

Might not work

What happens then

I’ll do something else

Maybe or maybe not and either way I’m OK

Karate point

Even though I’ve always believed in struggle I could consider doing things differently and I’m Ok either way

Even though that’s what my family did and I thought that’s how the world worked, I deeply and completely love and accept us all and I’m willing to consider new ways of viewing the world.

Even though I’ve used struggle as my way forward, maybe I could consider noticing when things flow easily and use that as a guide instead.

Round the points


Doing it differently

It’s what my family did

And I could do it differently for all of us

Maybe we got it wrong

Maybe that’s not really how the world works

Maybe it would be ok for me to do it differently

And maybe I could use ease and flow as my guide instead and Either way I deeply and completely love and accept myself and Everyone else involved and that would make a change too!

©2014 Jacqui Crooks